Marcus Hiles Provides Active Amenities For All Residents

Marcus Hiles is a firm supporter of quality of life, which is, he explains, determined primarily by the home, the events experienced within it, and the greater community. By developing neighborhoods inspired by local landscapes and vibrant metropolitan areas, Hiles’ expertise ensures luxurious, active lifestyles for all those who live within his communities. Each Western Rim property is hand-crafted to highlight scenic trails, lakes, and lush green spaces, with convenient access to prominent business parks, top-tier schools, universities, and expansive shopping and dining districts. Thanks to Hiles, affordable urban living is easily achieved near the internationally acclaimed cities like San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Dallas, and Fort Worth.

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Marcus Hiles On Sustainability Initiatives in Texas

Marcus Hiles thinks that natural spaces are fundamental in Western Rim properties combined with the urbane highlights and eco-friendly features. People can unwind in the urban and private parks, which often have easy access to walking trails and dog, run parks. Marcus Hiles maintains overall existing greenery, which purifies air pollution while segregating carbon dioxide. This brings down ozone harming pollutants in general by reducing energy use. With Hiles building fancy homes in the Dallas, Austin, Houston and San Antonio areas on an ongoing basis, he has furthered the whole development of those locations by increasing the tree cover more than their previous state—more than 3,000 trees were planted last year alone. “We will continue displaying our expertise in environment preservation and respect for the earth, while making our communities participate in protecting the planet,” Hiles remarks.

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Hiles Advices On Ways To Cut Energy Bills

Peaked temperatures cause air conditioners work overtime, and Western Rim Property Services CEO Marcus Hiles identifies traditional roofing insulation as the culprit. The roof of a home absorbs the sun’s radiant energy, in turn heating the attic and air ducts, leading to increased cooling costs. Hiles believes that, on the other hand, highly reflective radiant barrier roof panels installed in the attic reflect that heat and reduce up to 97 percent of heat transfer from the underside of the roof. “This cheap trick will keep your attic up to 30 degrees cooler,” he says.

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Marcus Hiles Shares Tips For Graywater And Green Agriculture

Architectural trends are currently highlighting outdoor designs which boast low maintenance and high style. Marcus Hiles, CEO of Western Rim Properties, has seen rising demand for open-air spaces that are both sustainable and reduce costs. Eco-friendly, conservation-minded choices such as rainwater/graywater systems and permeable pavement are picking up steam around the country. Using a rooftop collection system, rainwater harvesting redirects rain falling on the building to a well to be treated and reused on-site; while graywater utilizes dirty domestic waste water and recirculates it for restrooms and other non-drinking purposes, cutting the need for sterilized fresh water. Another modern concept for environmentally minded construction, permeable paving, actually dates back thousands of years to the time when people first created roads by placing stones in beds over the ground. The practice allows rainwater to pass through small cracks and pass through more than three layers of filtration (paving material, gravel, fabric, sand) before becoming absorbed by the earth below. This process reduces runoff and pollution, controls the flow of storm water to gutters and drains, restocks local groundwater supplies and also provides a skid resistant surface for walkways, patios, and driveways. Many attractive patterns of permeable pavement often incorporate crushed stone, brick, and recycled concrete.

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Marcus Hiles’ Properties Combine Ecological and Economical Benefits

Marcus Hiles’ homes have the benefit of cellulose sound insulation as it downsizes electricity consumption and provides spaces that are greener.
Cellulose is very often made of newspaper and is treated with a fire retardant to be safer for use. With the professional mounting technologies that Hiles’ properties employ, convection is reduced, and facilitates heating and cooling functions in summer and winter thereby reducing electricity costs. A review by the University of Colorado School of Architecture and Planning showed that cellulose loses 26.4% less heat energy as compared to fiberglass. The homes’ good quality weather stripping preserves cooled air inside, the dual pane windows reduce heat loss by 75 percent, and the attics are enriched with remarkably reflective radiant barrier roof panels that reflect heat and “minimize up to 97 percent of heat transfer, making attics around 30 degrees cooler,” says Hiles. The full depth cellulose sound insulation of Hiles’ homes promises supreme comfort for its inhabitants all through the year. These nifty features combined with the uniqueness of other trademark highlights make these properties covetable.

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Marcus Hiles On Contemporary Luxuries Of Western Rim’s Mansions Brand

In today’s rental market, many features once considered extravagant are now standard for discerning tenants of upmarket rentals. The townhome floor plans of Marcus Hiles’ Mansions developments utilize a range of expansive bedroom and bathroom layouts, all of which function closer to a single-family home than a unit surrounded by others. A key benefit of single-family homes is parking: Hiles’ properties always offer ample reserved spaces. As such, his Mansions offer attached two-car garages with direct home access, as well as one or two additional private parking spaces. Interiors of the eight Mansion neighborhoods located across Texas also include upgraded particulars; floors made of refined Italian marble, rich woods, and high-density 80-ounce face weight carpets; resplendent kitchens boasting granite countertops and stainless steel appliances; and luxurious marble baths outfitted with jetted tubs and rainwater showerheads. Hiles also encourages renters to double check that properties are constructed as sustainably as possible. Western Rim Mansion homes come complete with eco-friendly, dual pane, heat-reducing e-windows, reflective LP® Techshield radiant barrier sheathing designed to significantly lower temperatures in the attic, and recycled, full depth cellulose sound insulation and Energy Star-rated appliances to lower utility bills by using less energy.

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Marcus Hiles Advises On Ways To Maximize Rental Dollar

To many Dallas doesn’t appear to have much in common with New York and Los Angeles except for ranking among the ten largest cities in the U.S. But looking deeper, notes Texas real estate developer Marcus Hiles, “It turns out that all three locales have more renters than homeowners.” These days, 55.9 percent of Dallas households live in rental housing. Around the country, residents are increasingly choosing tenancy over home ownership, with the population of renters expected to grow by at least a half million per year through 2023. Contrary to common belief, homeowners’ housing expenditures far exceed that paid by renters. Even though the annual cost of rent may outpace total house payments for the year, buyers are saddled with maintenance expenses and higher utility payments – making renting even more attractive.

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How to Reduce Energy Usage Using Marcus Hiles’ Energy Saving Advice

As Marcus Hiles mentioned, the main explanation why temperatures boost and air conditioning units function more than normal working hours is the traditional roofing insulation. Because of the roof’s absorption of the sun’s radiant energy, the attic and air ducts’ temperature elevate, hence escalating costs of cooling. Alternatively, mounting of highly reflective radiant barrier roof panels in the attic can decrease heat transfer from the roof’s underside by 97 percent through reflection of heat. “Utilizing this third reasonable tactic, you can cool your attic down as much as 30 degrees,” he maintains.

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The Emerging Growth of Jobs and Investments in Texas – Marcus Hiles

Marcus Hiles, a noticeable and distinguished business and real estate development leader thinks about the state’s excellent record of bringing companies in. He says, “Companies are moving quickly to the state of Texas to use our stable workforce and business-friendly standards.” Also, financial investors from outside are entering the state, using more than a half million people resources. In the year 2015, exports were an aggregate of $251 billion, with a 93 percent increase in exports from the prior decade with free trade agreement partners. Texas’ most vital trading partner is Mexico. This is followed by Canada, China, Korea, and Brazil. The exports in the state were – $45.4 billion worth of computers and devices, $44.1 billion in oil and coal products, and $39.9 billion in chemicals. When compared to California, which lost more than 1,500 businesses recently, Marcus Hiles sees that Texas’ system of development and advancement is the driving force for companies placing assets into Texas, the increase of jobs and exports.

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Marcus Hiles Donates Towards Different Causes – Education Churches and Community Development

Today Marcus Hiles is known for his social initiatives and contributions because of his deep commitment towards the community. Marcus Hiles has given over $2.5 million to open and private K-12 activities, after school programs, university career services and placement programs because of his belief in a better education system. Having grown from humble beginnings as a child of the inner city minister, he has supported and contributed to the development of two big churches in Texas and in his home state, Massachusetts.

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