Marcus HIles – Real Estate Expert

Marcus Hiles is a world class predictor of the real estate market trends and has become famous all over the United States thanks to this ability. He owns or manages at least 15 thousand homes and apartments across Texas at the moment. His ideas changed the real estate market because he found a way to offer affordable places to the working class Texans. He made some major changes in the real estate landscape in Dallas and is moving on to other areas such as Woodlands and the coastal regions of Houston. Find out more about this on:

Marcus Hiles – Developing Texas Real Estate

A prominent Texas-based developer and investor, Marcus Hiles is an expert on predicting the ongoing market trends which brought him a respectable number of clients who admire him for the work he’s done. Currently, he owns or manages more than 15 thousand properties. He reached this number by completing his revolutionary idea that luxurious homes with magnificent amenities should also be offered to the working class at an affordable price. He changed the Dallas real estate landscape and is currently working on developing other areas in Texas.

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Marcus Hiles – Western Rim – Improving Air Quality with Park Development  

Marcus Hiles – Western Rim – Improving Air Quality with Park Development  
Marcus Hiles – Western Rim – Improving Air Quality with Park Development

The advantages of urban greenspace enhance the local eco-system while providing opportunities for humans, affecting health in many positive ways. Trees and plants generate life-giving oxygen; aid in the retention of ground and rain water amd remove toxins from the surrounding air. Trees can also make enough oxygen for one person and can absorb twenty pounds of air pollution every year. Under the shade of a canopy of trees things are reducing heat retention cooling down more quickly. Marcus Hiles explains that in a community with ample canopy coverage, air-conditioning requirements are lower. When a car was placed in the shade, it stayed fifty degrees cooler than one parked in the sun. In cities, parks and recreation for spaces must be created and maintained through human intervention and assistance.

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