Marcus Hiles – Adding to the Economic Growth In Texas

Marcus Hiles is one of the most famous CEOs in Texas because he has a neck in predicting the market trends. He predicted the growth of Texas economy and now he points out the fact that Texas has become the leader of business, hospitality, and energy sector in the United States. Hiles states that the growth Texas has shown has been remarkable and that the 210k added jobs aren’t a coincidence. He is a part of the economic revolution happening in Texas because he’s the CEO of a company currently managing 10 thousand properties and 5 more under construction. Find out more on

Marcus Hiles – Developing Texas Real Estate

A prominent Texas-based developer and investor, Marcus Hiles is an expert on predicting the ongoing market trends which brought him a respectable number of clients who admire him for the work he’s done. Currently, he owns or manages more than 15 thousand properties. He reached this number by completing his revolutionary idea that luxurious homes with magnificent amenities should also be offered to the working class at an affordable price. He changed the Dallas real estate landscape and is currently working on developing other areas in Texas.

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