The Emerging Growth of Jobs and Investments in Texas – Marcus Hiles

Marcus Hiles, a noticeable and distinguished business and real estate development leader thinks about the state’s excellent record of bringing companies in. He says, “Companies are moving quickly to the state of Texas to use our stable workforce and business-friendly standards.” Also, financial investors from outside are entering the state, using more than a half million people resources. In the year 2015, exports were an aggregate of $251 billion, with a 93 percent increase in exports from the prior decade with free trade agreement partners. Texas’ most vital trading partner is Mexico. This is followed by Canada, China, Korea, and Brazil. The exports in the state were – $45.4 billion worth of computers and devices, $44.1 billion in oil and coal products, and $39.9 billion in chemicals. When compared to California, which lost more than 1,500 businesses recently, Marcus Hiles sees that Texas’ system of development and advancement is the driving force for companies placing assets into Texas, the increase of jobs and exports.

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Marcus Hiles Donates Towards Different Causes – Education Churches and Community Development

Today Marcus Hiles is known for his social initiatives and contributions because of his deep commitment towards the community. Marcus Hiles has given over $2.5 million to open and private K-12 activities, after school programs, university career services and placement programs because of his belief in a better education system. Having grown from humble beginnings as a child of the inner city minister, he has supported and contributed to the development of two big churches in Texas and in his home state, Massachusetts.

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Marcus Hiles Discusses His Firm’s Strong Stance On Providing Employee Benefits

Although the Affordable Care Act requires most businesses to support medical coverage, Marcus Hiles notes that the number of companies that offer to pay 100% of premiums has actually decreased since 2001. Western Rim’s emphasis on benefits is an ambitious and concerted effort to prioritize preventive medicine in Texas. According to research from the Kaiser Family Foundation, a mere 3% of covered workers receive family coverage that does not require a contribution, despite evidence that health is linked to lower turnover, better morale, and increased productivity.

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The Best Way to Arrive at Rental Rates – Marcus Hiles

Individuals seeking rental properties should know factors that influence rental rates, says Marcus Hiles. A Forbes article suggests that the best way to derive rental rates, assembling data in the area, the landlord, and what various tenants are paying – either in a similar building or neighbourhood – are all key matters when looking for lower rental rates. Asking landlords for lower rents should not be a challenge for tenants. Although bluntly asking a lower rental rate may not be the best method, landlords are usually accustomed to negotiation. “Negotiation points for me as a landlord and property manager are length of lease and credit,” says Denise Supplee, co-founder of, a full-service rental automation service. Hiles advises renters to try signing a long-term lease instead. Landlords prefer the idea of being able to keep turnover rates low while still
achieving profitability.

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Expert Real Estate Developer Marcus Hiles Explains the Latest Consumer Demands

Marcus Hiles explains one of the hottest methods being used today in the construction of new homes: permeable paving. The thousand year old filtration method allows for walkways, patios and driveways to absorb rainwater through four layers of small holes before it hits the ground. The resulting effects are a reduction in runoff pollution, a controlled flow of storm water to drains and gutters, and replenished local groundwater reservoirs.

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